LPKF to Showcase Two Major Product Divisions at Boston 2016 Event

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Among the many technologies featured at the Boston 2016 Event, LPKF Laser & Electronics will be showcasing applications for laser depaneling and processing of flex & PCBs, and in-house rapid prototyping.
LPKF’s UV laser depaneling and PCB processing systems are a completely software controlled method of removing individual circuits from larger panels. The stress-free nature of UV laser processing is perfect for medical electronics applications which feature flexible materials or carry sensitive components that could be damaged by mechanical depaneling methods such as routing or dicing.
LPKF’s family of rapid prototyping systems provides ideal R&D equipment for virtually any engineering environment. In-house prototyping equipment saves users a considerable amount of time over outsourced prototyping options. LPKF is the market leader in this area, with expertise in PCB milling dating back to 1976.
For more information on laser depaneling, flex & pcb laser processing, or in-house PCB prototyping visit LPKF in booth 761 and see sales associates Matt Liles and Steve Andes at the Boston 2016 Event or click here.

About LPKF

Established in 1976, LPKF Laser & Electronics manufactures milling machines and laser systems used in circuit board and microelectronics fabrication, medical technology, the automotive sector, and the production of solar cells. LPKF’s worldwide headquarters is located in Hannover, Germany and its North American headquarters resides near Portland, Ore.



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