Ventec Expands Flex-rigid Material Range for Critical Military, Aerospace, and Ultra-high Reliability Applications

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Ventec International Group Co., Ltd. has added to its flex-rigid No Flow / Low Flow prepreg range with the introduction of tec-speed 4.0 (VT-462(L) PP NF/LF), a next-generation no & low flow FR 4.0 prepreg material that offers high-Tg, low Dk, low loss, and excellent thermal reliability. The IPC-4101E compliant material is designed for the world's most critical industries such as high-reliability military, aerospace/space, and other ultra-high reliability applications. As such it is particularly suited for harsh environments and all flex-rigid applications with high BPS data rates, high-speed flex-rigid connectors, high-frequency & high-speed applications, satellite communications, navigation systems, and GPS.

With tec-speed 4.0 (VT-462(L) PP NF/LF), Ventec brings the highest quality, performance, and value to circuits that need mechanical flexibility. Whether formed once to allow installation during product assembly or flexing dynamically with moving parts such as printer heads or optical drives, the material formula withstands reflow temperatures and maintains its structural integrity to prevent fatigue or corrosion.

With high Tg (175°C), high Td (360°C), and a low Dk of 3.8, VT-462(L) PP NF/LF delivers class-leading thermal performance and ease of manufacturing, allowing for better board design for applications requiring critical thermal management in the harshest environments. Customers can choose between glass fabric options of 1067, 1078, and 1080 with pressed thicknesses from 2.2 to 3.3 mil/ply (0.056 to 0.084 mm/ply). VT-462(L) PP NF/LF is lead-free assembly compatible, fulfills RoHS and WEEE requirements, and complies with UL94 V-0.

In line with Ventec’s strict manufacturing & supply processes for all its materials, VT-462(L) PP NF/LF is manufactured by Ventec using strict quality-controlled processes that are of course accredited with AS9100 and IATF quality standards, and conversant with applicable IPC, space agency and MIL-STD specifications. The material is manufactured at Ventec’s state-of-the-art facilities in China and Taiwan that feature treaters equipped with Ventec’s proprietary multiple-stage filtration systems on the front end and 100% AOI for prepreg FOD-control on the back end. They ensure Ventec’s global supply capacity for the full range of No Flow / Low Flow prepregs for flex-rigid applications.

Ventec International is a world leader in the production of polyimide & high-reliability epoxy laminates and prepregs and a specialist provider of thermal management and IMS solutions.

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