PV Nano Cell Appoints Mr. Masayuki Tani as New Advisory Board Member

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PV Nano Cell, Ltd., an innovative provider of inkjet-based conductive digital printing solutions and producer of conductive digital inks, announces that it has appointed Mr. Masayuki Tani as a new advisory board member.

For the past three decades, Mr. Tani served in a variety of business executive roles including Vice President of digital products at Ricoh corporation, President and CEO at Lexmark Co. Ltd. (IBM printer subsidiary), COO at InoMicro Incorporated (ITOCHU affiliate) and Chairman of the board at Funai Corp. US and Europe. Mr. Tani established Hyper Marketing Co. Ltd, a printing-related technologies and solutions provider, in 1996 and serves as its president. Mr. Tani's domain expertise is in the printing and IT markets with focus on business management, sales and distribution. Mr. Tani joined PV Nano Cell a year ago, as an investor and also to lead the company’s business efforts in Japan.

Mr. Tani commented, “I am so glad to be joining the advisory board of PV Nano Cell since the Printed Electronics market in Japan is in the stage of founding for all metal ink manufacturers except for PV Nano Cell who is in the growing stage because of their experience with major metal industrial printing companies in the USA and Europe. PV Nano Cell has in depth knowledge of the various inkjet print heads, sintering technologies, various substrates and of course our metal inks. We can leverage these advantages to be a solution provider to many types of end users and act as enablers in the Printed Electronics industry in Japan.”

PV Nano Cell’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Fernando de la Vega, commented, “Japan is a very important market for PV Nano Cell. The leading inkjet print head manufacturers are located in Japan as well as important leading customers implementing digital conductive printing. We have been working with Tani-san for the past year, both as a business partner and investor. Tani-san has been instrumental in developing our business in Japan and we are today working with a local conglomerate on a introducing turnkey, mass-production printing solution that is based on our DemonJet Pro printer and Sicrys™ inks. Tani-san is also in regular contact with numerous Japanese corporations that are interested in adopting our conductive digital printing solutions. I am sure having Tani-san join our advisory board will greatly help us with further development of the business and to form strategic alliances with important Japanese industry players – a win-win combination of Japanese business and Israeli innovation.”

As previously published, PV Nano Cell recently announced that it has launched a new, mass-production customer focused program to offer turnkey printing solutions for high-volume manufacturing. The company has made remarkable advancements in developing and implementing turnkey solutions for mass-production printing customers. These turnkey solutions include full implementation of the printing solution in the customer's automated production line. A significant part of implementing the turnkey solution will be to provide full automation and integration between the overall production line and the printing line segment. The company is already heavily involved in such turnkey solutions related to the energy and healthcare markets.



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