Frontline Releases InPlan 5.5

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Frontline  released version 5.5 of InPlan(r)  software-based automatic engineering system. According to Frontline, InPlan combines sophisticated engineering know-how with state-of-the-art pre-production planning tools to design the optimal manufacturing process for PCB jobs in a rapidly changing manufacturing environment. InPlan standardizes the engineer’s work, integrates with front end (CAM) and back end (ERP) systems and maintains an electronic knowledge base based on rules and electronic specs. In addition, the InPlan system enables engineering concurrency, multi-site operations, and outputs BOM, Traveler and CAM instructions.

Some key features an enhancements in InPlan 5.5 include:

Faster, More Advanced Panelization for Both Rigid and Flex Boards

Make your automatic panelization placement more efficient with InPlan’s major performance improvements for complex rigid boards and FPCs. With a new focus on multi-threading computation and maximized memory usage, runtimes can be dramatically reduced. 

Speed Up and Simplify Multi-Zone Creation and Review

Zone creation is optimized for your flex board with an updated, intuitive interface that enhances and simplifies the process of comparing, creating, and reviewing multiple zones. This reducies mismatches between drawing and calculation. 

Refined, Customizable Stackup Image for Improved Customer Communication

Give your customers exactly the information they need with a more flexible, customizable stackup image.

  • Display a detailed summary of each zone with new headers and footers.
  • Remove artificial gaps in the stackup image to give a more accurate view of the stackup layers.
  • Present a richer flex stackup with features such as button plating, separate adhesives and polyamide, and custom displays.

About Frontline

Frontline PCB Solutions is the world leader in PCB CAM and Engineering software solutions, offering the only end-to-end preproduction solution in the industry, from design to manufacturing. Based in Rehovot, Israel, Frontline is a joint venture of two industry leaders, Orbotech and Mentor Graphics.



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